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Converting Video Data into Actionable Intelligence–How an HD-SDI Camera Can Help

An airplane parked on an airfield.

The video analytics market size is projected to reach over $24,000 million by 2027. Given its commercial application, the number could easily go higher.

Today, our focus is on the importance of actionable intelligence for airports and pilots.

Video analytics plays a crucial role in the aviation industry. Drawing insights from video footage allows airport management and security to streamline their operations.

Airports and airlines can collect, aggregate, and examine the video data to understand trends and plan ahead. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s talk about how converting video data into actionable intelligence can pay dividends to aviation management and how an HD-SDI camera can help.

An image of TF-HCF-CAM

Identify violations

Facial recognition allows aviation management to monitor their facilities, i.e., keep tabs on personnel or identify violations.

The conventional HD quality camera systems can perform this job correctly at the airport. But when it comes to moving aircraft, an HD-SDI camera might be necessary.

A premium HD-SDI camera is equipped with the latest technology and advanced features like an anti-vibration mechanism to prevent blurry footage and ensure high-quality results.

HD cameras attached to aircraft can also help identify violations around the airport apron, an area not usually monitored as much as runways and the lobbies.

Analyzing trends

Mounting HD-SDI cameras on aircraft allows aviation management to analyze trends, especially around the activities taking place near the planes.

The high-quality data can be processed to identify and mitigate potential risks. It can potentially help management to prevent avoidable accidents.

Training and safety

Video footage of aerial flight tours and charters can produce valuable insights. Instructors in flight school can use the intelligence obtained from the video to assess performance.

It can also provide useful insights for aviation management and flight schools to identify security flaws and strengthen their controls.

What’s more?

We used the aviation industry as an example to help you learn about the advantages high-quality video data brings to the table. But there’s more to it.

The applications of HD-SDI cameras aren’t limited to aviation. Data captured from these systems can be converted into actionable intelligence for several purposes.

For instance, the marine industry can also leverage video footage from HD-SDI cameras to drive useful insights.

Law enforcement agencies can analyze high-quality footage for security purposes. The possibilities are endless.

Head over to Techfury Video Systems for HD SDI digital video recorders, including the flagship TF-HCF-CAM designed for aviation, marine, military, law enforcement, and numerous commercial applications. We also sell SDI DVRs, including the premium TF-TDR1-HD: Single Channel SDI DVR.

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