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Techfury Video Systems understands there is a vast demand for custom Printed Circuit boards for both short run prototypes and large manufacturing projects.


When a prototype or pre-production boards is needed, it is often difficult to find a vendor that can create or assemble 1 to 50 boards for initial testing. We offer a low cost, on-time Mechanical & Engineering Service for this area. 

Once testing and evaluation is completed, we offer PCB production runs for any volume. We can provide a completed product including BOM, bare board, assembly and testing or use customer supplied parts for assembly.

  • Schematic Circuit Design

  • PCB Assembly and Population

  • Testing

  • PCB Design and Layout

  • Gerber File Creation

  • Multiple PCB Design

  • BOM Acquisition 

Techfury Video System - PCB Assembly
Techfury Video System - PCB Design
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