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Rolling Shutter Camera Vs. Global Shutter Camera For Aviation Photography

Global shutter aviation camera captures an aerial view

When choosing an aviation camera, you should consider the resolution, frame rates, and shutter type. A rolling shutter or global shutter are two of the best options for capturing high-quality images. The blog will look at the differences between rolling shutter and global shutter so that you can choose the right one for aviation photography.

What is Rolling Shutter?

A rolling shutter is a method of capturing an image by exposing the sensor simultaneously through a slit from the top of the sensor array to the bottom. A major drawback of using the rolling shutter is that it isn’t suitable for capturing fast-moving objects in the frame. Since rolling shutter scans the image line by line, it can produce distorted effects like wobbling, skewing, and spatial aliasing. Rolling shutter is commonly found in most cameras such as smartphones, point-and-shoot cameras and even professional HD-SDI camera. The TF-HCF-CAM is a rolling shutter 3G-SDI camera with an anti-vibration mechanism and helical-centroid focusing that can capture high-quality images.

Rolling shutter captures wobbly wings

Which One Should You Get?

The rolling shutter has a much wider dynamic range than the global shutter, which can help produce closer to a true-life vision of the scene. The production cost of a rolling shutter is economically feasible and therefore rolling shutter cameras like the TF-3GSDI-CAM are more affordable than global shutter cameras. Aviation photography enthusiasts will love the compact size of the TF-SDCAM mini bullet camera and high-end aviation photography features. If you’re a professional aviation photographer or filmmaker with no compromise on image quality, a global shutter aviation camera like the TF-A1 is the one you should get.

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