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4 Uses of a Cockpit Camera

Cockpit camera surveying pilots

As the name suggests, a cockpit camera is installed in the cockpit of an aircraft. Many pilots are against the installation of cockpit video cameras to maintain privacy; however, these recording devices can help training pilots learn from their mistakes and aid in investigations after an unfortunate accident. Here are four uses of a cockpit camera that you should consider.

Pilot Training Sessions

If you’re en route to be a pilot, you’ll need to pass pilot training sessions before getting your flying license. Your first test flights will be overwhelming and so learning from your mistakes will allow you to gain confidence over time.

A cockpit camera will allow you to record footage of your training sessions and help you take notes and improve skills.

Record Aerial Journey

Many people envy pilots for their amazing flying adventures. They get to view beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing urban cities from the top. With advances in cameras, pilots can now show their aerial journeys in full HD. The TF-A1 is the smallest global shutter aviation camera that can output high resolutions of 1920x1080. It also features IR cut filter for true color production and LUTS and RAW support for post-production.

Cockpit controls

Cockpit Security

In 2015, the co-pilot of the Germanwings Flight 9525 committed suicide by crashing into the French Alps that killed 150 passengers on board. The horrific incident scarred many people, and some argue that cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorder don’t provide sufficient information to prevent such disasters. Light-weight HD aviation cameras like the TF-HDCAM 3G-SDI camera can notice visual cues of the pilot, which may ensure aviation safety.

Aids in Investigations

Events like the crash of 9/11 and the disappearance of the MH370 highlight the importance of installing cockpit video cameras to help with investigations. The United Nations is advocating for the installation of airborne flight recorders to capture footage that will help investigate any unfortunate accidents. Aviation analog cameras like the TF-SDCAM feature auto scene recognition and scene select functions for security and surveillance purposes. The video footage can help investigators take notes and prevent any attacks of terrorism in the future.

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