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TF-TDR4-SD-MIL for Pilot Recording

Aviation voice recorder

Aviation airplane cameras and video recorders aren't only meant to record HD videos of the flight. They serve a significant purpose. HD-SDI Camera holds a profound significance in military and commercial applications, from ground maneuvering to taxing and cabin surveillance. These aircraft cameras with audio and high definition video recordings have increased passengers' safety and security and onboard crew. One study suggests the market for flight safety camera systems will reach up to 110 million USD in 2024, indicating a massive spike in sales as compared to the 7.7 million USD observed in 2019.

Irrespective of the sales, technologies embedded in these devices also proceed to evolve and grow. It just keeps on getting better and better from there. Apart from HD videos these cameras even offer high-quality audio recording, which is essential for recording crucial information that might later be used as evidence or data to identify reasons behind accidents. This valuable data would give actionable insight into what happened in the crash's final moments, assisting authorities to prevent such crashes from happening in the future.

TF-TDR4-SD-MIL is a high definition aviation recorder that stands out from other airplane recorders mainly due to the variety of features it offers. Some of these features make it the best option for pilot recording. Let’s find out how:

Optimal Media Storage

The TF-TDR4-SD-MIL is a four-channel Analog / CVBS / RS170 tactical data recorder that allows recording four independent full-frame analogs simultaneously on one single media drive. These recordings can be played back to back through the tech fury playback app or any other device. With the auto stop/start feature, minimal interaction is observed between the user and the device. Also, with this airborne flight recorder, there is no need to close files to save them.

Data Integrity

With this Aviation Video Recorders, you will face no loss of files or any footage. This device comes with a built-in video loss prevention system that saves all recorded files to an external media file. Even if there is no power, all the files recorded by this device can be quickly recovered. Most DVR's on the market fail to offer such exceptional features.

Hassle-free Mounting Solutions

TF-TDR4-SD-MIL comes with a set of mounting brackets and can be mounted according to your preferences. The DVR can easily be mounted anywhere with the help of a sled, tray, brackets, or rails.

Techfury Video Systems offer quality airborne flight recording solutions to its customers. Our TF-TDR4-SD-MIL four-channel analog (CVBS / RS170) DVR is one of a kind. It comes with several custom connections and mounting options. Just let us know what sort of mounting you desire, and we will hook you up with that. Contact us to find out more!

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