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What Makes TF-HCF-CAM a Great HD Cockpit Camera

Aerial view captured with a cockpit camera

Measuring at just 80mm x 30mm x 30mm, the TF-HCF-CAM is the smallest military-grade 3G-SDI aviation cameras on the market. It boasts dual outputs of HD-SDI resolutions at 1920x1080 and analog/CVBS. This blog will further discuss the high-end features that make it a great HD cockpit camera.

Anti-Vibration Mechanism

Airplanes fly at over 100 miles per hour, causing rigorous movement, which can result in shaky footage. Furthermore, the vibrations from the engine itself can shake the camera and contribute to blurry footage. In order to prevent this, the TF-HCF-CAM is equipped with an internal anti-vibration technology that prevents any external vibrations from reaching the Panasonic image sensor. The anti-vibration feature of the military-grade HD-SDI camera can allow you to record footage in high definition even in the busiest of conditions without compromising image quality.

Image Processing Features

The TF-HCF-CAM is jam-packed with high-end image processing features. The quick electronic shutter captures fast-moving subjects with low image distortion, blur, and noise to get the best image quality. The auto day and night settings allow the sensor to capture images in low light by switching to a monochrome image. Other features include exposure modes, backlight adjustments, motion sensing, image sharpness, image defogging, gamma adjustments, and more to produce high-quality photos and videos. With that many features packed in one camera, it’s a no-brainer that the TF-HCF-CAM is a great cockpit camera.

Stunning landscape captured with HD aviation camera from cockpit

Helical-Centroid Focusing

Helical-Centroid Focusing is an effective feature that allows the camera to capture images at close range by making fine adjustments to focus on the subject in the frame. This feature works by increasing or decreasing the distance between the Panasonic image sensor and the lens to provide a wide field of view. Helical-centroid focusing is a big step up from conventional lens focusing techniques. The unique focusing method is usually used for top-class military applications around the world, making the TF-HCF-CAM a world-class military camera.

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