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Repair vs. Replacement: Which Option is Better for Your HD-SDI Camera?

If your HD-SDI aviation camera has developed some faults, you might be wondering about the best course of action.

There are likely be some questions in your mind like how do you get it repaired? What if the warranty period has expired? How much of a dent will these repairs end up making in your wallet?

We’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choice.

If You Opt for Repairs:

Look for a Solid Reputation

It’s important to always look for a well-reputed company with considerable experience in the industry. Yes, there are always so-called ‘experts’ who offer to repair your equipment for much less, but it’s best to avoid them as there may be a few associated risks that are too great to ignore.

Dedicated Resources

Ensure that the company has a dedicated department for repairs. You don’t want some distracted technician halfheartedly trying to fix your cameras or recorder on their lunch break. A company with a dedicated repairs and modifications department will also be well-equipped and have thoroughly trained staff on hand.

Capable of Handling Your Unique Problem

Confirm that the company you select for repairs can actually work with the specific equipment or technology that needs repairing. You wouldn’t expect your barista to repair your wristwatch, right? The same principle applies here.

Customer Service that Keeps You in the Loop

It’s good to see how you feel about the company’s customer service. In your first few interactions, they should be able to answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have without taking too much time. You also don’t want to take in your equipment for repairs, only to wait for weeks afterward with no follow-up. Good customer service should provide timely updates and keep you informed.

A camera undergoing repair work

If You Need a New Camera:

If you’ve decided to buy a new aviation camera, note that many of the same principles that apply to choosing the right repair service are also applicable here. You can’t go wrong with selecting a well-established, reputable company that knows its business.

But as far as features are concerned, you need to make sure that the camera you buy has the following features:

A Rugged Construction

Given the harsh environments you’ll likely use your military camera in, look for anodized aluminum housing. For marine applications, your camera also needs to be waterproof.

Dual Output Capabilities

If your camera is equipped with dual output capabilities, you can connect it simultaneously to a monitor for live viewing and to a recorder so that you can review the footage at any time.

An aircraft camera

A Wide Operating Temperature Range

Having a wide operating temperature range allows your camera to function in the most extreme of weather conditions, so it will work great in a searing desert and in a frozen tundra too.

Good Image Processing Features

The internal mechanisms of a camera are just as important as the external. Check for image processing features such as different exposure modes, backlight adjustment, digital noise reduction, image sharpness, lens shading, and image defogging.

To Sum It Up

With over two decades in the industry and a reliable, proven background in different fields, we at TechFury Video Systems are more than capable of handling any airplane camera system repairs, from minor fixes to extensive modifications, our specialized repairs department will take care of all your equipment troubles.

If you’re buying a new camera, you won’t regret choosing from our range of cameras and single- as well as multi-channel recorders. With anodized aluminum and IP67 rated waterproof housing, an operating temperature ranging from -30° to +85° Celsius, and image processing features that promise to deliver high quality footage, a TechFury camera can take your aviation photography to the next level.

So, whether you need to have your HD-SDI camera or HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder repaired, or want to buy a brand-new 3G-SDI aviation camera or an aviation video recorders, have our team of professionals assist you by getting in touch with us today!


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