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Image Processing Features Your Aviation Camera Must Have

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or using an aviation camera for professional reasons, it’s important to take certain factors into account. This blog post will highlight some image processing features that your aviation camera must have.

The cockpit of an airplane

Multiple Exposure Modes

Multiple exposure modes allow you to control three very important aspects of an image. These aspects are aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Unlike a random camera, an aviation camera is designed to capture images and footages while the aircraft is in motion regardless of the speed. Having an accurate exposure mode is important at all times whether the aircraft is in air, landing or taking off.

Lens Shading

When using a cockpit camera, there are times when excessive light can make it difficult to record the video. In this case, a lens shading feature not only protects the lens against excessive light but also improves the quality of footage. When you’re inside the cockpit, it’s unlikely that you can avoid the sunlight, and therefore, lens shading is a feature that you can’t compromise on.

Image Defogging

As the name suggests, this feature is built in cockpit cameras to deal with foggy weather conditions that can affect the quality of the footage. Most aircraft companies are investing millions of dollars in researching how they can deal with foggy conditions, and cameras with image defogging features are one of the most widely recommended tools. Flying a flight without an image defogging camera can be risky and put the pilot as well as the passengers at risk.

Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)

Just like lens shading is important to deal with excessive light, DNR feature is important to deal with low light conditions. Good cockpit video cameras comes with DNR settings that allow for clear footage even when there’s barely any light outside the aircraft.

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