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Capture Pilot Training Sessions with Military-Grade Rugged 3G-SDI Camera

pilots in cockpit

The latest generation of HD cameras features outstanding exposure control and picture quality, making them ideal for recording flight training sessions.

With a mounted DVR system, like in the TF-HCF-CAM (Rugged 3G-SDI Camera), you get a good look at everything: the controls, the panel, and a bird’s-eye view during taxiing, takeoff, and landing.

Our 3G-SDI camera is built specifically for military and commercial applications, allowing you to capture the pilot training session in high-definition and refer to it when debriefing. You can also send these high-definition videos to your students so they can review them before their next session, which will help them retain knowledge better so they can be better pilots.

Techfury Video System offers a complete recording system to capture flight training sessions. These can either be provided as separate components or a complete system that includes HD SDI digital video recorders, HD cockpit camera systems, mounts and cabling. We also create custom DVR’, such as a 6-channel DVR solution, for various application and training purposes.

If you’re new to airplane camera systems, mounting the TF-HCF-CAM atop the cockpit glareshield is a good place to start. More advanced users can opt for mounts on a vertical stabilizer, with the aviation cameras tucked in the aircraft’s belly. The different angles provide a unique perspective on landings and in-flight cockpit maneuvers.

Let’s look at some other reasons why the TF-HCF-CAM is great for capturing pilot training sessions:


The TF-HCF-CAM can overlay important GPS data directly on the video, including crucial data points such as altitude, coordinates, speed, bearing, time/date.

The pilot and students can view this data during debriefing for better analysis. The ability to pause and rewind a flight is invaluable for post-flight reviews.

Moreover, recordings can be controlled using a built-in record switch on the front panel or an external switch.

Multiple Media Storage Options

The TF-TDR1-HD is capable of recording to multiple storage devices including a built-in 32GB (128GB option available) and dual external USB drives. This feature allows the flight school operators and students to have access to their independent media drives.

Since the internal media storage can only be accessed by authorized personal, there is no chance of tampering with the video in case of an incident.

Students can record their individual flights simply by inserting a USB drive into one of two ports. The system will automatically recognize the USB drive and start and stop recording when power is cycled to the system. Alternatively, the pilots/students can control the recordings via an external record switch mounted anywhere in the cockpit.

Superior Image & Video Quality

The TF-HCF-CAM supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 at 60fps. It also has an anti-vibration mechanism that prevents external vibrations from reaching the sensor and creating a “jello effect.”

Additionally, the multiple lens options feature ultra-wide and zoomed-in fields of view.

aviation camera captures aerial view of a bridge

Do you want to get your hands on TF-HCF-CAM? Get in touch with Techfury Video Systems. Headquartered in Wisconsin and having served the industry for over two decades, we’re a leading manufacturer of HD SDI Digital Video Recorders and video processors for aviation, military, and other commercial applications.

Request a quote today!

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