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Best Aviation Camera for Pilot Training

A pilot in the cockpit of a plane near the Swiss Alps

No trainee pilots can learn to fly an airplane without the help of aviation cameras. These aviation cameras are not like random cameras that many people use for aerial photography and other similar purposes. An ideal aviation camera for a flight school must meet the standards of flight schools in the country. This blogpost will highlight some of the features that an ideal aviation camera must have to be used at a flight school.

Quality Display

There is no point in having an aviation camera if the footage is of poor quality. An ideal aviation camera must support 3G-SDI / HD-SDI resolutions so that the emerging pilots and their teachers do not face any difficulties during the flight or while conducting their post-flight analysis.

Dual Outputs

An aviation camera should be capable of providing dual outputs simultaneously. This allows a trainee to see what is being recorded and what is already stored during the journey. Most flight schools regard this as an essential feature of aviation cameras because it allows a pilot to respond timely to any internal or external changes during the flight. On top of that, this feature also allows the flight instructors to access the recorded footage and give feedback or explain to a trainee about their mistakes.

Durability with Light-Weight

You never know what sky has in store for a pilot. It can be sunny one moment and start to rain the next. Hence, aviation cameras must-have rugged enough construction to survive any changes in the environment. An aviation camera must have a sturdy, robust body so that it can provide quality footage even during harsh conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that you can use heavy materials for the construction of aviation cameras. An ideal aviation camera must be strong and durable, and yet lightweight to be able to meet the standards of flight schools.

A small orange aeroplane waits on the tarmac

At TechFury Video Systems, we manufacture quality HD aviation cameras for more than two decades. We can assure you that all our aviation cameras are designed according to the needs of flight schools and training centres.

Reach out to us today to find the best aviation airplane cameras or HD-SDI Digital Video Recorders for your flight school. We also have 3G-SDI aviation cameras for professional pilots and private jets.

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