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A Brief Guide to Buying Cameras for Flight Schools and Pilot Training

A pilot in the cockpit of a plane near the Swiss Alps

Everyone can relate to being at the airport, about to embark on a flight, and taking photos of the airplane that they’re about to board. There’s no denying that an airplane really does serve as the perfect backdrop for that Instagram-worthy selfie on the jet bridge.

However, the relationship between airplanes and cameras goes way beyond the photos we take at the airport. Thanks to the huge role they play in the aviation industry, aircraft cameras are a particularly valuable tool for flight schools and trainee pilots.

To meet the standards of flight schools, a camera needs to have the following features.

Support for 3G-SDI / HD-SDI Resolutions

Gone are the days of choppy video and grainy picture quality. HD quality has been widely accepted as the standard for visual material for a long time. The camera you’re buying needs to capture video in 1080p. You really don’t want to be squinting at the screen after a flight, trying to make out what’s happening.

Dual Simultaneous Outputs

If a camera provides dual simultaneous outputs, you can see what it’s recording in real-time while also storing it elsewhere (on a digital video recorder, for example) to review.

This is an important feature for a camera to have because when a plane is in the air, the pilot needs to respond quickly to even the smallest of changes in the external environment. It can be helpful for flight instructors to go over the recorded footage later and see if there’s something they missed during the actual flight.

A Rugged Construction

There’s a big difference between aviation cameras and the basic point-and-shoot camera many of us have at home. By definition, the former is more exposed to the elements and, thus, more prone to damage than the latter, which is why a sturdy, robust build is of the utmost importance. You want something that’s lightweight but can still keep up with you in every weather condition.

 A small orange airplane waits on the tarmac

At TechFury Video Systems, we have over two decades of experience in designing high-quality equipment. Our work reliably meets the requirements of various industries such as aviation, marine, automotive & transport, and military & defense every day.

Whether you’re searching for aviation airplane cameras or HD SDI Digital Video Recorders for your flight school, or you’re a pilot who needs the right 3G-SDI aviation camera for his plane, reach out to us today and let our team of experts find the perfect equipment for you.


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