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TF-TDR4-SD-MIL: Four Channel Analog (CVBS / RS170) DVR
  • TF-TDR4-SD-MIL: Four Channel Analog (CVBS / RS170) DVR



    • Record 4 independent Full Frame Analog / CVBS / RS170 channels simultaneously to a single media drive
    • Custom Connections and Mounting Options
    • Single MIL-STD Connector for Video and Audio I/O
    • Automatic Start/Stop Recording
    • Up to four independent Stereo Audio Input synchronized to each channel
    • H.264 video compression and .TS format for data integrity
    • 12-36 VDC input
    • Overview:

      The TF-TDR4-SD-MIL is a four channel Analog / CVBS / RS170 tactical data recorder specifically designed as a direct replacement for any existing VHS or Hi-8 recording systems currenlty installed in various aircrafts. In addition to recording digital video/audio from separate sources, the TF-TDR4-SD-MIL creates four full resolution video files which can be played back individually in any media player or in sync with the Techfury playback app. This is an excellent feature for mission recording and debriefing. 


      The TF-TDR4-SD-MIL is designed for minimal to zero interaction from the user by utilizing the auto start/stop recording feature. The TF-TDR4-SD-MIL will start recording when power is applied and stop recording when power is turned off. Unlike other DVR's, there is no need to close files in order to save them to the media drive. 

    • Custom Connections:

      The TF-TDR4-SD-MIL uses a MIL-STD connector for all video and audio I/O making installation simple and economical. We can customize the TF-TDR4-SD-MIL with various connectors to use with existing I/O connectors to minimize installation time and costly wiring modifications. 

    • Custom Mounting Solutions

      The TF-TDR4-SD-MIL is designed for installation in any application by using custom mounting sleds, trays, brackets or rails. The TF-TDR4-SD-MIL includes a set of mounting brackets which can be used to mount the DVR in any location. Alternatively, we can supply the TF-TDR4-SD-MIL with a custom mounting sled which can be specially designed to accommodate existing mounting points. Simply supply us with general dimensions of your desired mounting pattern, and we will design a custom mouting solution for your specific application.

    • No video loss or corrupted files:

      The TF-TDR4-SD-MIL has a built-in robust video loss prevention system which will save all recorded files to the external media drive without any chance of file corruption or video loss. Unlike other DVR’s on the market, the TDR4-SD-MIL will save all recorded files regardless of power and video interruption without creating temporary or corrupted files. This feature is specifically designed to prevent video files from being lost due to a power or video interruption during flights. In an event of power or video loss to the DVR, the current recorded file is closed immediately and saved to the external media drive. Once power or video is restored to the DVR, it will automatically continue recording to a new file.

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