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TF-TDR4-SD : Four Channel Analog (CVBS / RS170) DVR
  • TF-TDR4-SD : Four Channel Analog (CVBS / RS170) DVR



    • Record 4 independent Analog / CVBS / RS170 channels simultaneuos files to single media drive
    • Built-in 2.5" LCD for live viewing/monitoring
    • Remote External Record Switch (Optional)  
    • Up to four independent Stereo Audio Input synchronized to each channel
    • Record to a SD Card with optional exernal USB media storage
    • H.264 video compression and .TS format for data integrity 
    • 12-36 VDC input
    • Overview:

      TechFury’s TF-TDR4-SD sets a new standard in composite video recording as it is specifically designed for rugged & harsh environments and applications. Capable of recording up to four composite (NTSC/PAL/RS170) video inputs simultaneously to a single SD Card with optional USB storage (removable drive or SSD), the TF-TDR4-SD offers the end user a variety of options when recording from multiple composite sources. A single audio input  can be paralleled to all four video channels if required. 

    • Built-in 2.5" LCD Screen

      View the live feed from any camera on the built-in 2.5 inch LCD screen mounted on the front panel of the TF-TDR4-SD. Switch between camera views using the four illuminated momentary buttons directly below the LCD display. Switching between the camera views has no effect on the recorded video. A NVG compatible display filter is optionally available upon request. Use this display during operations to verify valid video inputs. 

    • External Record Switch Option

      Recording can be triggered using the front panel record switch or a remotely attached external switch. This function is useful if the recorder is not mounted in reach of the operator. When using the record switch on the front panel, the built-in LED indicator will blink while recording and solid when ready to record. Use the external record switch option to duplicate this functionality using an existing or dedicated switch. 

    • H.264 Compression

      Using real-time h.264 compression, the TF-TDR4-SD allows for smaller file sizes while maintaining video quality and increasing total record times per file. For standard definition recordings, a user can expect around 2GB per hour of recordings per channel.

    • No video loss or corrupted files

      The TF-TDR4-SD has a built-in robust video loss prevention system which will save all recorded files to the internal and external media drives without any chance of file corruption or video loss. Unlike other DVR’s on the market, the TDR4-SD will save all recorded files regardless of power and video interruption without creating temporary or corrupted files. This feature is specifically designed to prevent video files from being lost due to a power or video interruption during flights. In an event of power or video loss to the DVR, the current recorded file is closed immediately and saved to the internal memory and external media drives. Once power or video is restored to the DVR, it will automatically continue recording to a separate file.

    • Built to Last

      The TF-TDR4-SD is designed for easy installation and operation in any environment and/or application. Using standard BNC connectors for video I/O and rugged LEMO Push-pull style locking connectors for audio and communications, the TF-TDR4-SD is made to be a simple plug and play system. A standard 3-pin MIL-SPEC locking power connector is used to supply the system with 12-36VDC power which prevents any power loss under heavy vibrations. Use our TF-PSU power supply as a clean and efficient power source to supply the complete system with power for the most reliable results.

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