TF-TDR1-SD : Single Channel Analog DVR

TF-TDR1-SD : Single Channel Analog DVR



  • Single Channel Analog (CVBS, RS170) Tactical Data Video Recorder
  • Internal memory storage
  • Record to dual external USB drives simultaneously
  • GPS Overlays with .kml & .gpx files
  • Live Trigger & Flag Overlays
  • Audio input as embedded or Analog Line Level (1Vp-p)
  • H.264 compression
  • Multi-Channel Interface
  • Overview:

    The TF-TDR1-SD is the next generation of Tactical Data Recorders designed for all applications demanded in land, air and sea operations. The TF-TDR1-SD is capable of recording one independent Analog/Composite/RS170 signal (H.264 AVC Profile 4.2 / Motion JPEG) from a variety of video input options ranging from FLIR, Westcam, Imperx CMOS Cameras, Marshall Industries, Analog Block Cameras and/or any Analog camera on the market. Along with video, the TF-TDR1-SD can accept a single audio input (G.711 / AAC) from an audio panel or headset which is synchronized with video during playback.

    The TF-TDR1-SD is capable of live streaming via SRT / RTSP / RTMP / HLS / UDP-TS / Onvif.

  • Media Storage - Internal & External

    Unlike other DVR's on the market, the TF-TDR1-SD has a unique video back up system which allows the user to record the same video and audio files to multiple external USB drives and to an internal storage drive simultaneously. The internal memory drive can be used as a secure redundant media storage for all recorded files while the removable dual external USB drives can be used for day-to-day operations. The internal memory drive comes with 16GB of storage as standard but can be increased upon request up to 1TB.  When the media drives are full, they will record over the first file on the drive preserving the most current files as an option. As an added security feature, the internal memory can only be accessed via the password protected GUI by connecting the DVR to a computer. An external USB drive is not required to make a recording.

  • GPS Overlay & Storage

                   The TF-TDR1-HD offers a GPS input as a standard option which allows for serial GPS data to be overlaid directly on the video stream. The GPS data is also stored in .kml and .gpx file formats along with the video files. A user can choose to overlay GPS parameters such as coordinates, speed, altitude, bearing, time/date anywhere on the video frame. With the many different overlay’s, the GPS option allows for Geotagging which syncs geographical data such as latitude, longitude, time, date, video time code, altitude, bearing to the video. This process creates geotagged files (KML and GPX files) to the internal and external drives which is synchronized to the video and can be viewed in Google Earth (or any other geotagging software) to see exact locations where the video was recorded.

  • No Video Loss or Corrupted/Temporary Files

    The TF-TDR1-SD has a built-in robust video loss prevention system which will save all recorded files to the internal and external media drives without any chance of file corruption or video loss. Unlike other DVR’s on the market, the TDR1-SD will save all recorded files regardless of power and video interruption without creating temporary or corrupted files. This feature is specifically designed to prevent video files from being lost due to a power or video interruption during flights. In an event of power or video loss to the DVR, the current recorded file is closed immediately and saved to the internal memory and external media drives. Once power or video is restored to the DVR, it will automatically continue recording to a separate file.

  • MultiLink

    The TF-TDR1-SD has the capability of recording multiple channels using a single record switch, audio, GPS or data inputs. Stack up to (8) TF-TDR1-SD DVR’s and control them with a single external switch for synchronized recordings of all channels. When stacking the DVR’s in a multi-channel configuration, only one audio input is required which is paralleled throughout the system. This is an excellent option for recording video inputs from multiple sources, providing synchronized recordings from a variety of angles. All channels are recorded to their individual external media drives and internal memory making viewing and searching through many video files simpler and more efficient.

  • Live Trigger Overlay

    The TF-TDR1-HD also offers user defined graphic overlays which can be triggered while live recording. During recordings, if a Flag Trigger is activated, a custom user defined graphic will appear as an overlay on the video. During playback, the custom user defined graphic will appear on the video feed whenever the trigger was activated by the user and will remain visible for 5 seconds alerting the user. This functionality is extremely useful when you do not wish to use geospatial software to identify a point in time related to the recorded video. A JPEG can also be created for a point of interest during live recordings which will appear as a .jpeg file along with the recorded video files to the internal memory and both external drives.

  • Built to Last

    The TF-TDR1-HD is designed for easy installation and operation in any environment and/or application. Using standard BNC connectors for video I/O and rugged LEMO Push-pull style locking connectors for audio and communications, the TF-TDR1-SD is made to be a simple plug and play system. A standard 3-pin MIL-SPEC locking power connector is used to supply the system with 12-36VDC power which prevents any power loss under heavy vibrations. Use our TF-PSU power supply as a clean and efficient power source to supply the complete system with power for the most reliable results.


    • Flight Training and Testing
    • Commercial Aviation
    • Geospatial Inspections and Surveys
    • Law Enforcement/Fire Management/EMS
    • Security and Surveillance
    • Mission Recording and Debriefing
    • HUD & MFD recording
    • Air-to-Air & Air-to Ground Training
    • General Aviation
    • UAV and Drone applications