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TF-HDCAM : 3G-SDI Camera
  • TF-HDCAM : 3G-SDI Camera



    • Full High Definition 3G-SDI / HD-SDI Resolutions at 1920x1080
    • IP67 Rated – Rugged Waterproof Housing
    • Panasonic 1/3” Imaging Sensor
    • Dual Simultaneous Outputs of 3G-SDI/HD-SDI and Analog
    • Electronic Shutter
    • RS485 Control
    • Miniature Size of 56mm x 19mm
    • M12-Mount Lens Options (3.6mm Standard)
    • Auto Day/Night Setting
    • Operating Temperature: -15° to +65° Celsius
    • Weight: 45g
    • Power Input: 12VDC, MAX 150mA
    • Overview:

      The TF-HDCAM is the smallest barrel (lipstick) style camera available on the market. Measuring in at 56mm x 19mm, the TF-HDCAM has a robust waterproof aluminum housing with IP67 rating which can be mounted in harsh interior or exterior environments. With dual simultaneous outputs, the TF-HDCAM can be used with multiple devices at the same time where the 3G-SDI/HD-SDI output can connect to a DVR and the Analog output can be used to view the live feed on a Garmin G500 or similar monitor.

      The TF-HDCAM features a Panasonic 1/3” Imaging Sensor and interchangeable M12 style lenses which output a 2MP image in high definition. The electronic shutter helps preserve the image quality when capturing fast moving object with minimal image distortion, image blur and shutter noise. The auto day & night feature can be helpful when capturing images in low light areas, where the TF-HDCAM will automatically switch to a monochrome image if there is not enough light entering the imaging sensor.

    • Image Processing Features:

      The TF-HDCAM features a wide variety of image processing attributes which come standard with the camera. Some of the many features include different Exposure modes, Backlight adjustment, DNR settings, Lens Shading, Dynamic Zoom, Image Mirror and/or Flip, Privacy and Motion Sensing, Image Sharpness, Day & Night Settings, Image Defogging, Gamma Adjustments, etc.  

    • Global Shutter vs Rolling Shutter

      For those who are not familiar, “rolling shutter” is a technical term referring to the way the image sensor scans the image. If the sensor employs a rolling shutter, this means the image is scanned sequentially, from one side of the sensor (usually the top) to the other, line by line. In contrast to that, “global shutter” is the technical term referring to sensors that scan the entire area of the image simultaneously.

    • Lens Options:

      2.9mm Lens = 154° Horizontal Field of View (Ultra-Wide)

      3.4mm Lens = 85° Horizontal Field of View (Standard)

      8.0mm Lens = 40° Horizontal Field of View

      16.0mm Lens = 20° Horizontal Field of View (Zoomed in)

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