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Garmin 18x LVC GPS Puck

Garmin 18x LVC GPS Puck

Garmin GPS Puck 18X LVC - 


The GPS 18x is an OEM, high-sensitivity GPS sensor for use in aviation, automotive, fleet vehicle, and electronics applications that require a small, highly accurate GPS receiver.


Use in Small Spaces

This high-sensitivity, 12-parallel-channel, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver is available in CMOS-level serial or open leads and comes with an integrated magnetic base. The puck-like receiver is 2.4" (6.1 cm) in diameter and weighs just a few ounces, making it an ideal solution for applications where space is at a premium.

  • GPS Overlay Parameters:

    When a GPS is connected to a compatible DVR, overlay option can include:

    • Coordinates
    • Speed
    • Altitude
    • Bearing
    • Time/Date
    • Compass
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