M12 Board Lenses

M12 Board Lenses

The TF-HCF-CAM / TF-HDCAM / TF-SDCAM use interchangable M12 style board lenses to provide a desired field of view (FOV) from any distance. 


Please contact your TechFury representative for more detailed information on which lens you should choose.

  • Lens Options:

    2.9mm Lens = 120° Field of View (H)

    3.6mm Lens = 92° Field of View (H) – Standard

    4.3mm Lens = 78° Field of View (H)

    6.0mm Lens = 54° Field of View

    8.0mm Lens = 39° Field of View (H)

    12.0mm Lens = 25° Field of View