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We understand that flight time with and without an instructor is the most valuable part of the training process for new pilots, and having a high quality video of all training flights to review post flight would greatly increase any pilots chances of learning from their real time experiences. As the need for more pilots increases on a daily basis, we would like to make the pilot training experience as simple and efficient as possible by providing an easy to operate video system which records all flights including audio communications from when the pilot gets in the cockpit to landing and post flight check down. Our video systems allow the pilot to easily access their training sessions at any moment for viewing and learning.

  • Internal & External Memory Storage

    Techfury Video Systems Tactical Data and Video/Audio recorders are specifically designed for Flight Schools and Pilot Training. Our recorders write recordings to an internal memory drive as well as dual external USB drives simultaneously. This allows for the aircraft operator to have a redundant recording of all flights stored to the internal memory drive while giving the pilot their independent recordings on the external USB drives. The files stored on the internal memory drive can only be accessed by an authorized user minimizing any chance of tampering or malicious acts.

  • GPS Overlay

    All Techfury Tactical Data recorders have the capability of overlaying GPS data anywhere on the video screen. Real-time GPS coordinates, aircraft speed, aircraft bearing, aircraft altitude as well as GPS time and date can be overlaid on the video in custom locations suited to every pilots’ requirements. Users have the option of using NMEA data from an existing GPS installed in the aircraft or we can provide a Garmin GPS with the system. All GPS data is stored in a separate .kml and .gpx files for simple extraction to use with third party debriefing software or Google Earth.

  • Live Triggers

    All Techfury Tactical Data Recorders can accept two live triggers during recordings. When a trigger is activated, a custom widget or image will overlay on the video for 3 seconds. These live triggers can be used to mark significant points of interest a pilot may want to re-visit post flight.

  • Live Stream to any Phone or Tablet

    All Techfury Tactical Data Recorders have a built-in Wifi module which allows the user to stream the live video to any phone or tablet. This feature allows the pilot to use an existing tablet or phone in the aircraft to view a live feed from the camera rather than having to mount an additional monitor in an already crowded environment. Alternatively, a HD-SDI output is available if a direct connection to a monitor is required.


Single CH. - Diagram.PNG

Single Channel HD System


1 x TF-TDR1-HD : Single Channel HD DVR

1 x HD Camera

1 x Aviation Power Supply

1 x Monitor for viewing

1 x Cables Package

1 x Mounting brackets

Dual CH. Diagram.PNG

Dual Channel HD System


2 x TF-TDR1-HD : Single Channel HD DVR

2 x HD Camera

1 x Aviation Power Supply

2 x Monitor for viewing

2 x Cables Package

3 x Mounting brackets

Single CH with Quad Inputs - Diagram.PNG

Single Channel with Quad Inputs


1 x TF-TDR1-HD : Single Channel HD DVR

1 x TF-QUADVIEW-HD : Four Channel HD Multiplexer

4 x HD Camera

1 x Aviation Power Supply

1 x Monitor for viewing

1 x Cables Package

3 x Mounting brackets


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