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3 Top Uses of Military Grade Rugged 3G-SDI Camera

HD Aviation camera

Military-grade rugged 3G-SDI cameras are being made to be used for surveillance and defense applications. These cameras are manufactured to perform in extreme pressures and environments. However, apart from being used in military applications, they are great for commercial purposes as well. 3G-SDI cameras provide high definition images high in the sky that can be zoomed in and out as per the user's requirement. One military purpose of these cameras symbolizes their importance, and that’s bomb detection. Moreover, with their audio recording, these cameras are essential to record final moments in the cockpit before a plane crash. According to studies, around 86 commercial airplane fatalities were recorded in 2019.

Apart from bomb detection, military-grade 3G-SDI cameras are sturdy and come in a variety of mounting brackets. As cameras are installed outside the aircraft, any external source's vibrations can mess up the image and the recording. Therefore, it's essential to install them on a solid mounting bracket to avoid any accidents. The 3G-SDI camera we offer has many such features. Let's find out its uses and characteristics.

Helical-Centroid Focusing (HCF)

Helical-Centroid Focusing is an effective technique for centering a camera found in excellent quality military applications around the world. This strategy for centering is cultivated by expanding or diminishing the overall distance between the picture sensor and focal point, giving a vast FOV range when contrasted with traditional focal point centering strategies. When catching pictures at short proximity, the helical centroid centering highlight considers subtle changes by accomplishing any item's ideal focal point.

Picture Processing Features:

The TF-HCF-CAM includes a wide assortment of image processing features. A portion of the numerous highlights incorporates distinctive backlight change, exposure modes, lens shading, DNR settings, image mirror or potentially flip, dynamic zoom, privacy and motion sensing, gamma adjustments, image sharpness, image defogging, day and night settings, and so on.


Used for bomb Detection

3G-SDI aviation cameras are efficiently utilized for bomb detection. With its variety of lens options, military personnel use it to detect bombs high up in the sky. After in-depth research and development, the latest technologies are being incorporated in these cameras for better bomb detection in the future.

Cabin Surveillance

Aviation cameras are used to enhance the overall cabin security as they provide high definition video footage and audio. Any suspicious activities can be recorded and viewed right away.

On ground maneuvering

These HD aviation camera assist pilots for on-ground maneuvering before the takeoff or during taxing. With a 360-degree view of the plane's surroundings, a pilot can park the aircraft or move it on the ground much better.

Techfury Video Systems offers premium-quality aviation cameras. Get in touch with us for more information and explore our products.

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